Arranger: Milk Tea Commentator: You-Know-Who

Min Jr.(鄭嘉明) can use lots of different kind breaking ball to fool batters.

At least four or five kinds of breaking ball he can fling by his wishes, including 2 or 3 kinds of curveball(a slow one and a sharp one, something like that), slider, splitter, changeup and 2 seams and 4 seams fastball around 85 to 88 mph with average quality.

Even though, his the sharpness of his breaking ball is not impressive, but he can throw it accurately.

In addition, he can pitches all of those different breaking ball with the same tempo and the same motion to deceive the batters recognition of pitches.

It means that the ball quality he throw is not as good as the usage he have. In other words, it is excellent for him that he is smart enough to cope with a hostile opponent.

However, all of the comment is based on the observation at the end of 2002. Afterward, he got a serious surgery, and I have no idea about his rehabilitation after that.


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